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Security and Repairs
Wireless networks
Network support
Voice Over IP
    Security takes on a mission-critical role in today's information economy, as companies are compelled to open their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and corporate resources to the external world. Secure Network Architecture should be one of the main focus areas for the security of critical organizational information assets.
    Ajnax Consulting Network Consultants will consider technological risks; threats and vulnerabilities related to networked information assets and suggest appropriate network architecture & risk mitigation strategy to provide technology support to the future IT environment in a secure manner in a low-risk environment.
    Determining the significance of the identified risks will develop a technology risk treatment plan. The risk treatment plan would cover the selection of appropriate controls of various standards and guidelines to mitigate the identified technological risk. In the process, the risks / vulnerabilities will be discussed with customerís IT Department and a risk mitigation strategy and document will be developed.
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