Onsite smart consulting

    We work with most of the largest companies in this world, providing solutions to their technology issues with cost effective way. Starting with an understanding of the business need, we then work with our clients to design and deliver better solutions, striking the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need. If you need an onsite consultant send us your requirements to info@ajnaxonline.com and we will contact you at the earliest.

Remote smart consulting

    We Provide services of professional IT contractors within a very low cost structure without compromising high quality. Yes, we can provide manpower to any work that could be done remote. We can even provide a virtual secretary who could work remote in a low cost hourly rates. Get more for less money. Send email with your requirements to info@ajnaxonline.com

Remote + smart consulting package

    Do you like to cut cost by doing complex technology works in remote locations around the world? At the same time, do you need a consultant onsite to manage this remote team? Yes, we can provide you onsite project managers who will be at your work site. These project managers will act as the front end to your questions and concerns. To know more details, send your requirements to info@ajnaxonline.com .

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