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      Efficiency and cost control are motivating software developers to create software that will last, using the latest open source technologies and ensuring that it is easy to support and maintain. And of course, the mandate is do all this with a minimum of resources: skilled staff, money, and time.
      Concerns about using open source to build or implement software are understandable. It is easy to get bogged down in selecting the best open source technologies with the best fit for legacy environments, security, and licensing options, as well as have the skilled people to implement interoperable applications, using known best practices, testing in a production environment, and planning for support.
      Ajnax , LLC has extensive experience in developing open source solutions from the ground up, working with a variety of open source components and stacks. For example, a typical open source stack for an enterprise Java web application might include Linux, PostgreSQL, JBoss, Apache web server and Tomcat. For development purposes, we might use Eclipse with some select plug-ins and open source test frameworks. Moving forward, we continue to evaluate new components in related areas, and we will adopt them based on merit and customer
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